Poker Academy

Just sign up through NLG and play on N8 to get access to the Poker Academy.
How much you play decides which Poker Academy Status you reach:

Start now!

Play more for better rewards

How much you play decides which Poker Academy Status you reach:


Create a monthly Poker Revenue of >$20 and you get:

  • Discord Channel access to talk strategy and ask questions
  • Monthly Performance Coachings with Simon

Create a monthly Poker Revenue of >$200 and you get:

  • Monthly Group Coachings with TeamNLG & Academy Team members
  • Discord Channel access incl. Hand History Reviews
  • Monthly Performance Coachings with Simon

Create a monthly Poker Revenue of >$1.000 and you get:

  • Monthly VIP Coachings with TeamNLG Pro’s like Rainer, Julian, Steffen, Didi, etc.
  • Monthly Performance Coachings and Workouts with Simon
  • Special Coachings like Data/Stats Analysis, Mindset Coachings and more
  • VIP Rewards like Bootcamps in the NLG Team House, Trips to Live Events, etc. are planned for the future. We keep you updated.

On top of this, everyone
who signs up
through NLG gets access to:

  • Monthly Rake Races
  • Exclusive Freerolls
  • Other Promos

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I sign up through NLG on Natural8?

A: Just use this link: or tell the live chat you wanna be tagged to “NoLimitGaming”.

Q: I signed up through the link, how do I get access to the Poker Academy?

A: Please join our Discord Server: and post your screen name in the “access rights” channel. Your status will be adjusted as soon as possible.

Q: How is the “Poker Revenue” being calculated?

A: It’s your rake/fees paid minus your Fish Buffet Rewards and minus Overlays and other costs.

Q: How much will be paid out in the monthly Rake Races?

A: ~20% of NLGs commission in the previous month (minus costs) will be distributed through the rake races.

Q: I’m already playing on another GGPoker Network Skin, can I still sign up?

A: Yes, you’re allowed to have accounts on multiple skins if you don’t have your real name displayed on the tables. Be aware that it’s not allowed to play on multiple accounts at the same time or in the same tournament.

Q: I have an old and inactive Natural8 account, can I reactivate and re-tag my account to NLG?

A: Yes, if your account on Natural8 was inactive for at least 3 months, you can message the live chat on and tell them to re-tag your account to “NoLimitGaming”.

Q: I’m already playing actively on Natural8, can I be tagged to NLG?

A: No, unfortunately it’s only possible to re-tag inactive accounts (3 months+).

Q: I was playing on another GGPoker Skin, but wanna switch to Natural8. Can my Fish Buffet status be transferred to N8?

A: Yes, please send us your account email and a screenshot from your old Fish Buffet Status in Discord and it will be adjusted.

Q: Can my balance from my GGPoker Skin be transferred to my Natural8 account?

A: Yes, please contact the N8 support to transfer money from GG to N8.

Q: Is there a way to get access to the NLG Poker Academy without playing on Natural8?

A: No, but we’ll try to find a solution for players from Germany and other restricted countries. Check our Channels for updates!

Q: How long do I keep my Poker Academy Status?

A: Your Poker Academy Status will be updated every Month.

Restricted Country List:

For Natural8 related questions, pls check or contact their 24/7 live chat on